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"Earle Consulting understands the bid cycle enabling us to work with you to create a strategy for a successful tender and quality presentations."

At Earle Consulting we know that spending time on pre-qualifications and tendering can be an onerous task for a busy company. You may not have the right staff available at the required time to deal with such time consuming, yet critical, bids.

Outsourcing SQ’s, tenders, bids and quality statements ensures that you are able to continue to deliver your day to day operations, safe in the knowledge that you tenders will be submitted on time and to the highest quality.

Bidding and tendering can often deplete your operational resource during hectic tender periods. We provide experienced tender professionals confidentially producing your bid to the highest standard without affecting day to day operations.

Earle Consulting understands the bid cycle enabling us to work with you to create a strategy for a successful tender and quality presentations. As an experienced service provider in this area we keep up to date with the key issues that clients are looking for at the pre-qualification and tender stages.

SQ’s Tenders and Bids

Earle Consulting provides SQ support, Tender support and bid management across a wide range of business sectors. This is allied to our effective business development and work winning strategies supporting sustainable business growth across the North West particularly Manchester, Liverpool and Preston.

SQ Support (Standard Selection questionnaire - formerly PQQ)

Earle will ensure that you prepare and submit a compliant SQ that secures that important tender opportunity. Earle will guide you through the process, providing a flexible service from guidance with specific questions to a complete electronic SQ or hard copy SQ submission.

SQ’s act as a business development model by identifying what your future clients are looking for in a service provider or partner. Typical SQ questions are 'evidence' based and will be around compliance, accreditation, Company information, financial information, health and safety, social value and perhaps references and case studies.

Tender Support

Following a successful SQ submission you may be asked to Tender. Earle Consulting can help you vocalise your business strengths and ensure you respond effectively to typical tender questions. Typical tender questions will be based on service delivery solutions that adds value to the Clients service as well as a commercial submission (Price for delivering the service).

More and more, clients are looking for you to help them achieve their own corporate aspirations such as efficiency savings, added value, innovation and carbon management. Most businesses can deliver these but often struggle to succinctly get this down on paper.

Tender Notifications

Contact Earle for an overview of Public and Private Sector opportunities in your area. We can keep you updated with emerging opportunities at no cost or obligation.

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